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Tracie Ching

Tracie Ching is an artist and self-taught illustrator working in Washington, DC. A marriage of old and new, her work translates classic engraving techniques through vector illustration, resulting in the bold cross-hatching style for which she is known.

Creating alternative movie posters for cult classics, Ching made her home in pop-culture showing in galleries such as Spoke Art in San Francisco. She has since grown her portfolio to include key art for clients like Disney, Lionsgate, and Marvel Studios. Ching’s other work includes editorial illustrations, commercial art, and political portraits for presidential campaigns rounding out her dynamic application of creative skill.

20th Century Fox, Adidas, Adobe, AMC, CBS, Disney, Disney Studios, ESPN, Google, GQ, Hasbro, International Spy Museum, Marvel, Marvel Studios, Metallica, MGM, Lionsgate, Lucasfilms, Newsweek, Penguin Randomhouse, POLITICO, Roadside Attractions, TIME, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Wizards of the Coast…

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“I wanted to be an artist for longer than I can remember, but growing up low-income I figured I’d be 60 years old, waitressing at diner in Jersey, and selling my work at the boardwalk on weekends. I never dreamed I would make a living at it, let alone be in a position to uplift others.

In truth, the idea for this program came from a young woman who, several years ago, came up to me at Awesome Con and asked if I would be her mentor. I wasn’t ready then, but her earnest, humbling request stayed with me.

In 2018, I launched this program as a response. I want to offer you, what I couldn’t give her at the time. What I wanted for myself when starting out as an illustrator – a mentor.”

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