The Marvels US


Artists from eight countries were asked to create artwork that showcases The Marvels through a different cultural/geographic lens unique to them.

As the artist from the US, this collaboration was a unique challenge. I wanted to represent the United States beyond the stereotypical icons and capitalize on subtle feeling over the literal. To do this I turned to Jes Wilhelm Schlaikjer and his 1945 Air Force poster for inspiration, going so far as to alter my style to align with his more closely. The reference pays homage to Carol Danver’s origin and relationship with Monica, as well as evoking that idyllic American nostalgia associated with Schlaikjer’s posters. And finally, The Marvels themselves were the most apropos subject – a team formed from a diverse spectrum of people, much like the US itself.

CLIENT: Marvel Studios / Disney Studios
RELEASE: November 2023

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