She Creates

She Creates has one simple purpose - to support female creatives.

This year-long program provides one-on-one mentoring and a $2,000 grant designed to empower and propel a female artist working toward a career in art, design, and/or illustration.

The She Creates mentorship program is designed to provide one female artist, designer, and/or illustrator with knowledge and support through regular correspondence and meetings*. Said meetings will be held every two weeks to discuss the emerging artist strategies for that month including:

  •  Portfolio preparation
  • Applying to and working with galleries
  • Commission and usage fees
  • Equipment and software use and recommendations
  • Social Media engagement and maintenance
    and more…

The mentee is encouraged to ask questions, voice concerns, and/or request critiques of past and current works throughout the year.

*meetings will be held via video or phone calls


A grant totaling $2000.00 (USD) will be awarded upon completion of the final project. The final two months of the mentorship will be spent conceptualizing, designing, and producing an image to be translated into an edition of silkscreen prints with the guidance of the mentor. A portion of the grant will be allotted for production costs with the remainder acting as a commission fee to cover the mentees time

Stipulations for the final project include:

  •  A portion of the design must be completed digitally
  • The final product must include the silkscreen printing process
  • The print is to be printed by The Half and Half

The mentee will have the opportunity to pitch the sale of their print run through a gallery with the assistance of the mentor.


Tracie Ching is a full-time freelance illustrator living and working in Washington, DC. A self-taught digital artist, Tracie specializes in digital illustration which features portraits with complex, graphic line work in a limited palette – a tendency-turned-style after years of working in the medium of silkscreen prints. While commissioned for a wide range of projects including commercial athletic apparel, editorial illustration, and gallery work, she is best known for her alternative movie posters.

Previous clients include:
Adidas, Adobe, Disney, Google, Marvel, Lionsgate, Newsweek, Penguin Randomhouse, POLITICO, TIME, and more…


The inaugural She Creates mentee will be someone with vision and drive who intends to use the program as a springboard toward a life as a professional artist. Whether you are 18 or 88 – there is no maximum age. Artistic background, preferred subject matter, style or process – there are no restrictions. As long as the applicant’s work involves some level of digital illustration or design they are welcome.

The 2019 She Creates mentee is hardworking and committed to her goal. She has somewhere she wants to go. This program is intended to help her get there.


To apply for the She Creates mentorship and grant you must:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Identify as female
  • Be an emerging artist actively pursuing a full-time artistic career
  • Utilize digital applications in some part of your creative process
  • Speak fluent English

The application process requires you:

Provide examples of your work in the form of a website, online portfolio, OR downloadable PDF

Be prepared to describe:
– What you hope to gain from the program
– Your work and creative process
– Your goals


Are there any restrictions on an artist’s chosen medium?
Yes and no. I am happy to receive applications from anyone who meets the requirements. That being said, I am unsure how I would assist a potter or oil painter and they would have to convince me this program was right for them.

Do I have to live in the US, or the DC area?
Nope. Meetings will be conducted via phone or video chat and email correspondence is encouraged. International applicants are welcome as long as they meet the requirements.

Do I have to have experience with silkscreen prints?
Nope! The Half and Half and myself will teaching you the ins-and-outs of silkscreen printing and help you prepare your artwork for print.

Are there any requirements for education or work experience?
No. As an emerging artist I expect there to be gaps in your resume. I hold a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, but taught myself all I know of digital design and illustration. I believe in an individual’s ability to get where they want to be given the appropriate vision and motivation.

I don’t have a website. How do I provide examples of my work?
Two ways – 1.) Free portfolio websites. There are many sites like Behance that allow you to upload your portfolio for free. 2.) Send a PDF. Package together 5-10 examples of your best work and provide a link where I can download it (eg. WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.). 

Include descriptions alongside your examples where possible (eg. month and year of creation, client vs personal work, etc.)

How will the mentee be chosen?
Application review begins on Dec. 3rd, 2018. Five (5) semi-finalists will be chosen by Tracie Ching and notified by Dec. 10th, 2018. Phone or video chat interviews will be held Dec. 12th-19th. All applicants will be notified of the outcome by Dec. 21st.

Do I have to design movie posters?

Absolutely not. The subject of your work, and the final project, are entirely up to you and should speak to the work you want to create professionally.

Will you teach me your style?
No. This program is to bolster your style, your career. I will assist in the use of digital programs and equipment as desired by the mentee, but the She Creates program is not an apprenticeship to learn my style of work.

Where can I see the legal nitty-gritty?
You can read the Terms of Participation here.

Key Dates

Sept. 3-Nov. 30:  Application period open
Dec. 3-7:  Application review
Dec. 10:  Semi-finalists notified
Dec. 12-19:  Semi-finalist interviews
Dec. 21:  Mentee announced
Jan. 7th:  Beginning of Program


Don’t see the answer to your question? Contact us!

For media or sponsorship inquiries, please contact Tracie Ching.

Read the Terms of Participation here.

The She Creates Application process is now closed.

Semi-finalists will be contacted for interviews shortly.

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