Scorsese’s Saints

I will be debuting my portrait series entitled Scorsese’s Saints featuring six of Martin’s leading men and one handbill. These 9×12″ portraits can be purchased for $15 a pop to allow those with limited space or funds the chance to still go home with something, but if you have your heart set on one big silk screen there will be a limited amount of uncut 24×36″ sheets for $40.

Each print features 2 metallic inks and is also hand signed and numbered in metallic gold.

This particular set was a lot of fun for me. Throughout the years Scorsese has provided us with classic, gritty characters and I wanted to create images that spoke to their iconic nature. I have always loved Florentine portraiture (man, did those guys know their way around a halo) and in light of Scorsese’s reverence for flawed, and in many ways corrupted men, I couldn’t think of a better juxtaposition.The high shine of the metallic gold in contrast with the matte black gets a little lost online so hopefully you guys will get a chance to see them in person. The Half and Half did a great print job and I don’t believe you will be disappointed.