Quentin vs Coen 2014: Altered Run Process

So I am not normally one to actually have process photos. Not because I wouldn’t love to share, but mostly just because I am a dead rush to finish and totally space on progress shots.

The print I created for Spoke Art’s return of the Quentin vs Coen show was a rare exception, however, as the process was all new. Not ONLY do I have process photos, but process video. BOOM!

The beginning of this print was like every other. Watch the movie a couple times through and then start work on some ideas. Right away I knew I wanted this poster to be based almost entirely on Beatrix’s yellow motorcycle outfit, as well as paying homage to the wonderfully simple and bold original movie poster.

As some of you know I work almost exclusively in Illustrator with my Wacom tablet, and trusty set of custom brushes. This time around I wanted to really rely on linework, rather than solid shapes with slight contoure lines. So I went to work building shapes and shadows with my brushes. I finally ended with something bright, bold, and very YELLOW. The design went off to the printer and when it arrived a couple weeks later , despite it’s loveliness, I realized it wasn’t enough. There had to be blood, and so the real fun began.

I’ve been dying to do an altered run for a long time, and this print turned out to be the perfect outlet. I consulted a couple spray paint artists who helped guide me on how best to produce a blood splatter effect and next day I grabbed a gloss Apple Red can, some gloves, and got painting.

2014-06-25 12.22.49

Hours later, and a great deal of my apartment requisitioned for drying space, the prints were ready and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. The entire run of 60 prints featured totally unique embellishments, the gloss paint having dried beautifully resulting a shiny red splatter closely resembling fresh blood.



The prints will be on sale at Spoke Art gallery following the opening of the Quentin vs Coen show on Saturday, July 5th.