Aburaya Series

Debuting at the Miyazaki Spirit show at San Francisco’s Sketchpad Gallery in March 2016, the Aburaya Series consists of nine monoprints (seven pictured below) inspired my the bathhouse in Hiyao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away. Each features a unique hand-applied background with two color silkscreen personally pulled by the artist. Each is hand signed and numbered 1/1.

TChing-Aburaya1-FrameMockup TChing-Aburaya1DetailSQUARE TChing-Aburaya2-FrameMockup TChing-Aburaya2DetailSQUARE TChing-Aburaya3-FrameMockup TChing-Aburaya3DetailSQUARE TChing-Aburaya4-FrameMockup TChing-Aburaya4DetailSQUARE TChing-Aburaya5-FrameMockup TChing-Aburaya7-FrameMockup TChing-Aburaya9-FrameMockup