NYCC 2012

On Thursday afternoon I sat down behind my first artist alley table and wondered what was going to happen. I had planned for months, burdened by the idea that I was trying out something brand new at one of the biggest comic cons in the US in an artist alley attended by legends of the industry. Days later I can laugh at how my hands shook and my stomach kept doing flips while we waited for the doors to open on that first day. It all sounds overly dramatic but you always remember how the best experiences in your life start, and for me, this was one of them. NYCC had a record breaking year, selling out of all tickets in advance with none available at the door. There were so many attendees there was a 20 minutes wait to get in most of Saturday and they stopped letting people in halfway through Sunday. On top of all that their artist alley was the largest in history, with something like 500 artists.

There were seas of people to swim through but despite the madness I got to spend  time with some of my favorites including Tim Doyle, Joshua Budich, Randy Ortiz, Steve Seeley, Ken Harman, and Epyon5. I also managed to find some new favorites amongst the fans. You guys were some of the nicest, most dedicated kids I’ve ever met and I’m so happy you decided to stop by and chat for a while. Thank you for making my con.

Now on to the highlights! Having a chair. Anyone who’s been to a con knows there’s almost no where to sit and sometimes you are standing and/or walking for hours. I literally had a chair with my name on it as well as a table. It’s the little things people! On-camera villainy. I had my first on-camera experience with MyDamnChannel and had the great pleasure of helping Mr. Nate Bennet find his inner villain. The whole crew was great and we had a lot of fun but if anyone ever tells you being on camera isn’t nerve-wracking they are filthy liars. The segment will air on their YouTube channel sometime later this week. Enjoy watching me try to keep my shit together. 😉

Mr. McNiven. On Friday a really nice guy and his family swung by to look at my Spock print. The next day they all came back and picked up both Star Trek prints. While I wrapped their prints we chatted and he mentioned he worked for Marvel and had a table in artist alley. My husband did a little recon and it turns out the really nice guy was Steve McNiven. Later on we grabbed a sketch from him and it turns out he’s a huge print collector and goes to flatstock every year. Bacon. A couple of crazy kids read the fine print on my display stipulating ham would be accepted in lieu of cash or credit. They stopped by every day to make sure I was serious and then presented me with two MASSIVE packs of bacon on Sunday. They walked away with their Spock print as I cuddled my pork product.

Leia. A fan bought my Princess print and then brought it to Carrie Fisher’s signing on Saturday. Her friend came back later that day to tell me Carrie has said she loved it.  Hornberger! I met Scott Adsit aka Pete Hornberger. Apparently Scott is a huge comic nerd and attends cons all the time. We heard he was roaming the floor on Saturday and Epyon 5, my artist alley neighbor and fellow pop culture artist, had been trying to track him down all day. Well as we are closing down I see Scott standing just 3 tables down from us. I push Epyon in his direction to go talk and take photos. A couple minutes later he comes back with Scott in tow, and to my ever lasting shame, I threw up my hands and yelled “HORNBERGER”. Safe to say I excused myself after making such a rookie mistake, but he was very nice and shook my hand and chatted for a while. Safe to say I had a great time. I can’t wait to apply again next year and I hope to see you all there. – T