Google Jerseys

“This past summer One Apparel began working on a project with Google to outfit their intramural sports teams. The goal was simple… or was it? Create totally unique jerseys that ooze awesomeness and leave no doubt that the people wearing them are playing for Google.

With intention of delivering the best jerseys possible One Apparel partnered with one of the best creative designers in the biz, Tracie Ching. Based in Washington, DC, Tracie collarboarted with One Apparel here in Vancouver on no less than five unique designs – Dark Globe, White Globe, White Hexagon, Chrome and White Swoosh. The process was challenging but exceptionally fun. At one point while driving from Montreal back to Toronto I was on the phone with our designer Tracie in Washinton, DC, the customer in Mountain View, CA and production in Toronto – cool to say the least!

The first run of jerseys included Dark Globe, White Globe and White Hexagon fully sublimated and customized jerseys. Samples were sent of the Chrome jerseys because we thought they were so cool. Sure enough the second larger order included the original three jerseys plus the Chrome and White Swoosh jerseys. All told there are now over 200 Google employees sporting these sic fully sublimated jerseys… and another couple thousand who want one!”