Walker Stalker Con 2015 Series T-Shirt

I teamed up with Walker Stalker once again to create a custom t-shirt design for their 2015 series. As always it was a lot of fun. Like to think I channeled a little of my inner Nicotero.

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2013 USA Ultimate National Championships

For something like 13 years USA Ultimate’s Club Nationals hava been held in Sarasota, FL. Safe to say the Floridian/beach/sun themes have become rather old which is why VC Ultimate and I were so excited when given the bid to design the logos and gear for  2013 held in Frisco, TX.

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The Rush…

Not many people are aware but I have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies when it comes to the ultimate community. Most of the time the thrill stops at seeing a great, and good-spirited team in gear I’ve designed, but now and again I get that extra Rush. Last Fall the captain…

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Team Canada 2013 Kit

The home and away jerseys for Canada’s national ultimate team was quite a challenge this year but the result was worth the work. Best of luck to them in their 2013/2014 season! You can grab all the gear here: http://www.vconlinestore.com/collections/team-canada

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Team Russia 2013 Kits

I have to say that to date, Team Russia has been one of the most fun teams to work with. They have a ton of talent and I look forward to seeing what they do with their 2013 season. And congrats to the women’s team for taking ECBU!

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Team Canada 2013 Kit – Printed

Once again, I had the great honor of designing the kits for Canada’s national ultimate frisbee team. I’m extremely excited about how they turned out this year. Here’s a look at the printed gear, which you can no grab here: http://www.vconlinestore.com/collections/team-canada  

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Made in USSR 2013

USSR. Making my gear look sexy two years in a row! Congrats, once again, on clinching the title of Paganello Mixed Champions.

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USSR 2012

USSR did me proud this year. We created a great jersey together and then they went out and won Paganello (Mixed). Congrats to them!  

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