Baltimore Comic Con 2013

This year I had my first artist alley table at Baltimore Comic Con. It is a truly unique event in that it is truly a COMIC con, and I am so happy to have been a part of it.

I had the great pleasure of meeting a slew of new and old  fans, a few publishers, and some truly amazing artists. Not only did I get to see Dave Perillo again, but finally got to meet Ian Glaubinger and Scott Derby in person. They are exceedingly nice gentlemen and I was quite jealous they all got to be in the same aisle. I guess I can’t complain too much as the awesome Robert Wilson IV (all the way from Dallas!) was only a couple tables down.

At cons I rarely get time away from my table but the second day I was able to mosey and discovered that our neighbor, Jamie Noguchi, draws an awesome character called PuppyCow. He sells adorable plushies but, being the weirdo I am, I fell in love with the price tag which featured a PuppyCow drawing. Jamie was very understanding when I walked up to his table, picked up the tag, pointed to PuppyCow and said “I need this. A sketch or do0dle, I don’t care, but I need this exact thing.” Minutes later I had my very own PuppyCow sketch and upon receipt emitted a very high pitched squee noise. Lots of thanks to Jamie for indulging me and my apologies to any damage to his hearing.

Being able to commission a sketch myself was a real treat as I usually have to send my booth babe (aka my husband) around to procure things for me. This year he really came through. My brother introduced me to Adventure Time about a year ago and since then I have felt Lumpy Space Princess to be a kindred spirit. It turns out KaBOOM! Studios, a purveyor of Adventure Time comics, had a booth this year where the hubs got Travis Hill to draw LSP and my favorite saying! But as awesome as that was, all the LSPs in the world couldn’t compare to the last sketch I received on Sunday.

I have been in love with Adam Hughes’s work for a long, long time not only because he is amazing artist but he constantly inspires me to become better than I am. I have seen him at a number of cons but every time I couldn’t get away from my table in time to catch him or all his stuff was sold out and/or he wasn’t doing sketches. At around 4:30 I got a chance to do one last round and when I walked by Adam’s booth I saw a small line of people and Adam Hughes… sketching. I practically ran back to my table and, wide-eyed, told the hubby what I had just seen. Ever logical, he told me to get my butt in line to which I replied, “Everyone has something for him to draw on and I didn’t bring my pad with me.” He suggested I ask our neighbors to lend us a sheet from one their books, and to my shame, I totally chickened out. I mumbled some crap about how I didn’t want to bother them, it was the end of the day, and I would just catch him next time or something. The truth is, I couldn’t handle the idea of having Adam look at me, let alone have to talk to him as I firmly believe I would burst into flames due to exposure to his awesomeness.

And so, defeated by my own cowardice, I sat back down at my table. I was so consumed by talking to the people who came by and in tamping down regret, I didn’t notice the conversation between my husband and our neighbors or when he slipped away. All I know is that just before the end of the day, he came back with a sheet of paper and on it was Catwoman and the iconic AH!. When he put the drawing in my hands my jaw dropped and I was stunned into silence for a good while. Then, and I am not really ashamed to admit this, I misted up and had to remain silent out of fear that the mist might turn into a deluge.

Even if I hadn’t met so many great people. Even if I hadn’t had such a great time. That sketch would have made the 2013 Baltimore Comic Con my favorite to date. Thank you to my husband, Adam Hughes, my friends, the staff, exhibitors, artists, and attendees of Baltimore Comic Con. I cannot wait for next year.